Hackference 2017

2016 was fantastic, want to come and enjoy Hackference in 2017, head to https://2017.hackference.co.uk.

Hackference 2016

21st - 23rd October 2016, Birmingham UK

Starring... Terence Eden

A veteran of the mobile industry, Terence has been blogging for 10 years, Twittering for 8 years, and getting new characters into Unicode for 3 years.


Getting New Characters and Emoji into Unicode

The thoroughly exciting and 100% true story of how I got FOUR AND A HALF new characters into Unicode.

Be in AWE as I learn about fonts!

GIGGLE at the poo Emoji.

THRILL as I fill in lots of forms!

WONDER as I learn about the Byzantine process involved!

MARVEL as I fight vested interested !


Github: edent · Twitter: @edent · Website: http://shkspr.mobi/blog/