Hackference 2017

2016 was fantastic, want to come and enjoy Hackference in 2017, head to https://2017.hackference.co.uk.

Hackference 2016

21st - 23rd October 2016, Birmingham UK

Starring... Samathy Barratt

Samathy is a magical code fairy with a passion for low-level software, teaching others and supporting a diverse and friendly tech community.

Currently an High Performance Computer engineer at Rolls-Royce and a Coventry University student attending Hackference Birmingham for the first time.

They’re also Coventry Pride Trustee, Trans-Code and PyConUK volunteer.

Come talk to them about anything to do with technology, diversity, LGBT issues and especially FOSS. Samathy is incredibly social and loves meeting and talking to new people!

Enjoys C, C++, Python, Linux, Coffee and people.


From Heaven to Earth - Getting started with C

Have you always wanted to delve into the Linux source code, contribute to that fun little command line utility you saw on Github, or start programming an Arduino with more control, but took one look at the C programming language and found it alien and scary? This talk is for you.

This talk endeavours to help programmers experienced with higher level, newer programming languages like Python, Ruby and Java get started with C and some basic C++. It aims to remove the scary mysteries of the syntax, deliver an understanding of the type system, basic memory management and the things you’re used to with a high level language, that you don’t have in C and C++.

By the end of the talk you should have enough understanding of how to write basic programming elements in C and C++ like branching statements, functions, defining variables. In addition, you will learn the things that you’re most likely to need when writing your first C program that are not as easy as they are in higher-level languages; including printing strings, integers and other data types to the console, converting data, basic string operations, getting the current time, as well as some C++ specific features like object orientation.

This talk hopes to remove the mystery around the C programming language. It should give you the basic understanding to delve in with confidence and start learning the language, reading other project’s source-code, or just learning a bit more about how programming languages have developed over the years.


Github: samathy · Twitter: @samathy_barratt · Website: http://www.sbarratt.co.uk/