Hackference 2017

2016 was fantastic, want to come and enjoy Hackference in 2017, head to https://2017.hackference.co.uk.

Hackference 2016

21st - 23rd October 2016, Birmingham UK

Starring... Jonathan Kingsley

Hi, i’m Jon.

I specialise in software, occasional hardware, and pyrotechnics/computer security on the weekends. During my downtime I’m a keen fencer, occasional rapper and part-time gamer.

When you can catch me listening to music, it’s probably The 1975, Hoodie Allen or Taylor Swift.


Cracks in the Facade

In this bleak, depressing talk we will discuss some of the ways computer science and computer security has fallen flat on its face, and how you can avoid making the same mistakes, with just a soupçon of humor for good measure.

We will break these problems down and hopefully learn some important lessons, such as not allowing your door locks to call system(), how to properly secure your corner of the Internet Of Things, a crash course in processor architectures and how they lie to you, and how the inevitable heat-death of the universe is a result of RSA.

Hopefully, you’ll emerge feeling smarter, discussing new topics, and slightly terrified.


Github: JFKingsley · Twitter: @JFKingsley · Website: https://jfkingsley.co.uk/