Hackference 2017

2016 was fantastic, want to come and enjoy Hackference in 2017, head to https://2017.hackference.co.uk.

Hackference 2016

21st - 23rd October 2016, Birmingham UK

Starring... Etiene Dalcol

Etiene is a Software Engineer from Brazil and a Lua advocate. She is the lead developer of Sailor, an MVC web framework written in Lua and the founder of Lua Ladies, an initiative to bring more women to programming through Lua. She has been both a student and a mentor at Google Summer of Code and she also loves traveling and natural languages.


Get started with Lua

Lua is a very fast, elegant and powerful dynamic language. It’s an excellent tool for robust applications or slim embedded systems. It found a niche in game development with big names such as “Grim Fandango”, “World of Warcraft” and “Angry Birds”. This talk will present what makes Lua different from other interpreted languages, the evolution of the Lua ecosystem, some key concepts of the language, and show you why Lua is the next language to add to your skill set.


Github: Etiene · Twitter: @etiene_d · Website: http://etiene.net/